End of Life Logo

End of Life Logo

Te Hokinga ā Wairua – End of Life is an online tool giving easy access to government services and support pre or post death, for yourself or someone close.

The subject of death is highly emotive, means different things to different people, and is very difficult to illustrate. Given this, it was decided the logo would be a wordmark rather than a symbol or icon.

A brief to create a logo based on the concept of connections and linking to the Māori meaning of Te hokinga ā wairua: the return of the spirit, the spirit going home was established.

The final logo has woven into the wordmark a pikorua (Māori for twist), and koru (Māori for loop) to subtly illustrate the path of life and eternity, connections of spirits and friends, and symbolise new life, growth, strength and peace.

Department of Internal Affairs (DIA)